There’s a whole story behind ‘Leave It Be’..

What. A. Week.

Now, if you’ve known me since the Ipswich days, you will be more than aware that I was that kid who would rather have been spending lunchtimes in the practice rooms than in the playground. I went through a phase where I wouldn’t take off this bloody trilby hat, and wouldn’t leave the house without wearing my Uggs. I was always carrying some form of instrument on the school bus; whether it was a Guitar, a Saxophone, a Clarinet (I didn’t pick the smallest instruments..) and was Queen at finding ways to hide them in classrooms or music storerooms.

Yes. This actually happened.

After a solid amount of years playing in all the school bands, shows, the county wind bands, concert orchestras, and eventually local pub open mics (in which I’d be asked to leave by 8pm because I was 14 and not allowed in anyway..), the songs that I was writing eventually began to gather some form of structure, lyrical integrity and overall general musicality.

I started listening to artists I’d never heard of before – buying random CD’s in charity shops because they were 99p, and finding local festivals and Googling everyone who was on the line up. I was obsessed with Suzanne Vega and Eva Cassidy and started messing around with Jazz chords and different tunings for my Guitar.

This continued throughout College. Most of my lunchtimes were taken up with rehearsals – for jazz band, orchestra, exam practice – although you’ll be glad to know the trilby had disappeared and was replaced by a black blazer (which I still own..), and short red hair..

It was just before I finished College that ‘Leave It Be’ was written. Completely by accident if I’m honest. I was a bit heartbroken at the time, at a complete loss as to what I was going to do after Sixth Form, and it was finished before I even really knew what it was about.

It took a solid couple of years for me to really nail it down. I played it at every gig, recorded a few demos of it in various forms, and finally had the courage to sing it to the wonderful Neil Cowlan at Ananda Records, who I’d been keeping in touch with since High School. He has been amazing – always available for advice on performances, getting gigs, recording, and eventually helped me record, produce and master the final version of ‘Leave It Be’.

Now, it’s finally available for you all to hear. This has been the result of so many years of musical geeking out and I am so, so proud of it I could burst. The response so far has been amazing. My phone has exploded with congratulations, people I haven’t spoken to in years have popped up to say hello, and my wonderful friends and family have been sharing links all over the place online.

Please, please, if you haven’t already, have a listen – add it to a playlist, tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your little brother who needs some music to do his homework with.

And THANK YOU to those who have already heard it, bought it, shared it.

Big, big love. This has made it all worthwhile x

Leave It Be

Such kind words that I never saw..

So, I was updating my BandWagon profile tonight, and was trying to fill out the ‘Press’ section..

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever been too aware about what (and even if!), people are writing articles, artist summaries etc about my music online. So, I did some Googling. Shameless, I know, but I had to fill out the box!

I came across this wonderful piece that was written by All About It was so lovely of them, and I never said thank you. So, it’s ridiculously belated and I apologise, but thank you!

So, you will be pleased to know that I shall now resume my usual internet activities (Netflix, Buzzfeed and browsing recipe blogs for various forms of baked goods..), without the peculiar, and quite frankly seemingly egotistic Googling!

Take care,


Lucy Hall and Katy Emma take on the world, one song at a time

acoustic night at the switch bar katy emma lucy hall

I’m so excited to be working with the wonderful Katy Emma on some new material. We’ve also got some plans for gigs this summer which are going to be amazing! *cue very happy songwriter and lots of Google searches for ‘acoustic nights in London’* I urge you to go and have a listen to her music here.

She recently invited me down to play at the beautiful Switch Bar’s acoustic night in South Woodford. Have a look at their website here. They set aside a stage area and it was a super intimate gig, with a great crowd just a metre away, all quiet and listening. A kind lady offered to take some photos and videos of us playing, which I was so grateful for (and instantly uploaded to my Instagram..) – I don’t suppose I could get away with taking selfies on stage quite just yet?!

It was a lovely gig, and I’ll hopefully be back there in March to play a full set. I’ll keep you posted.

Take care, have a great weekend,